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Good Time Guaranteed.
Autumn in the Blue Ridge...

Blue Ridge 2012

Happy Spring! The blossoms are already past peak now. Winter pretty much never happened.

Hanging at Caribou... Spring is almost here in DC!
Now that the Android 2.1 Update was release for the Droid I can finally post my thoughts about the pros and cons of the Droid vs the iPhone (my previous phone).
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An update on the gadget front--I decided to get rid of my iPhone that I had been with for about 1 1/2 years. I was getting sick and tired of dealing with AT&T's shitty service here in the DC area so I decided to bite the bullet (and pay the remaining ETF) and try the DROID on Verizon Wireless.

So far, the service has been close to perfect. I've been keeping a list of pros and cons of both devices, and I have been waiting to publish my final review until the latest version of Android (2.1) gets released for the Droid. They have been saying "soon" for about 2 months now which leads me to believe that either there are software issues or business issues. Either Verizon is stalling the upgrade or there are legal reasons why they can't release it.

So, I will wait a bit longer for that update before I go over my list. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. The #1 strength for the Droid is that when people call me, my phone rings! :-)
Hey LJ, happy 2010! Long time no talk. Glad you're still here. I've been meaning to talk to you for a while, I still have things I want to say, and I don't want it scrolling off of some Facebook status wall somewhere.

So I guess I'll stick around and continue my babbling on for a bit longer. Maybe I'll take the journal and move it to a "real" blog, or maybe I'll just stay here.

A friend of mine caused me to remember to fix my photo links from previous entries. LiveJournal doesn't make it easy but I've fixed the last few years and I'll go back and fix the rest soon. I can't let all of my snarky photos go to waste... I might even post some on Facebook (or the "Face Box" as I and others like to call it).

Today is the first day that same sex couples can obtain marriage licenses in my home city of Washington, DC. They will have to wait 3 days to get officially married. I finally live in a jurisdiction that believes that I have the same rights as any straight couple. Those of you that have read my entries before know that I feel strongly about this.

And is it ironic that you can get married in the Nation's Capital but not have recognition of the United States?

I'm not married yet, but I hope to someday.

Congrats to those couples getting married next week and taking advantage of that right!

For Immediate Release:

Washington, DC and West Hollywood, CA -- September 11, 2009 -- GGT Enterprises announces the highly anticipated 2009 premiere arrival of long-time-famous-megawoof-star CLICKBOO to California! Mr. Boo has been in California since Thursday, September 10th and will stay through the weekend. Clickboo has already been spotted in Orange County enjoying stunning meals and attempting to drive the 405 freeway.

"I'm happy to be in California once again," an elated Clickboo said in a statement earlier this week from his posh luxury overpriced equity deflated condo located somewhere near the fabulously gay Vida gym in Washington, DC. "And since I'll be there the weekend of Luke's birthday, it will be extra special. We might have to splurge and go to Disneyland!"

killer_blue, Clickboo's West Coast Agent and VP of GGT Orange County, will be on hand to ensure the high quality that GGT has been known to consistently deliver. "Clickboo is always a GGT," he said from his posh Newport Beach villa. "We could have a GGT in a box [as long as that box had vodka]."

Clickboo can be met at his West Hollywood office, conveniently located in the Abbey, 692 N Robertson Blvd, at approximately 8:45PM on Friday, September 11th. Heavy liquor will be served.

About GGT Enterprises

GGT Enterprises is the #1 leading provider of the Guaranteed Good Time™ throughout North America, Europe and Australia. GGT's extensive global network includes main offices in Washington, DC and New York City, with numerous satellite offices, including locations in Boston, Los Angeles, Provincetown, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Chicago, Melbourne, Iowa City, and 52 other equally exciting cities around the globe.

(Bear Week, P-town)

Yeah, it's been awhile. I think I've forgotten how to write complete sentences, so please excuse my grammar. My "blog postings" have lately been in the form of Facebook status updates so that pretty much limited me to 2 sentences or less. :)

What have I been doing? Not too much. Or maybe too much, I'm not sure.

Just got back from Chicago. Went to BLOWOFF and then Market Days with Jeff, who flew in from LGA (after being delayed with a bomb scare there). Had a blast with everyone there, including reuniting with jeffinthebox  for an excellent night of slushies at Sidetrack. Spent just the right amount of time walking around the street fair. Left early as the lines to get back into the bars after dinner were huge.

I've grown up a bit since the last time I had been there for Market Days, but it's still silly fun.

Went to Provincetown for the first time in July, and it was a nice time. It was Bear Week so there were a ton of people that I knew. I was a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of people, but otherwise it was a blast. I really enjoyed riding around town and the beaches on our bikes and generally relaxing. Of course, the evening tea dances and nighttime stuff was fun too! :)

I turned 40 a few weeks ago. I'm mildly depressed about that. I'll probably get over it soon enough. I'm bummed that I couldn't get my act together and do anything substantial. Thanks to Rich and Tony for at least dragging me out for a bit.

I canceled Comcast cable after dealing with their crap for many years. Now I'm just going to have to find better things with my time instead of watching worthless reality HDTV. And find better ways to spend almost $150 bucks a month!

For August, I'm mostly in DC. Maybe a quick trip out to Rehoboth. Other than that, I'm going to take it easy.

Current Mood: nerdy

It doesn't quite feel like the first day of Spring here in DC, but it will soon enough.

I'm discontinuing my Mobile ME service with Apple. It was utter crap and I barely used it. However, I did use it for some content that you see on this LiveJournal. There may be a period of time when some of the pictures in my journal are not visible... I'm in the process of moving everything over to another server. It will be done when it gets done. :-P

Also, any of you that had my ".mac" address--that is no longer valid.

It feels odd to post more than one sentence! Facebook has really "dumbed" me down. :)

Right now it looks like to be a relatively quiet weekend in DC. BHH tonight. Might go watch some rugby at the tournament tomorrow. :-)

DC is iced over

Another snow to ice situation here in DC... YUCK!

So my walk to work this morning was more of a waddle than a walk... As per usual, any part of the sidewalk that was not in front of an office building was pretty much a sheet of ice. Even in my boots, I would have to inch along and be fearful that I would slide into the busy traffic on the well-treated streets. There were many victims of ice along my one mile journey... One woman with iPod headphones twirled around several times before succumbing to the icy ground and landing on her derriere. :-) Luckily, she got back up and was back to waddling like the rest of us. The walk home should be fun.

In other news...

Digital TV switch could be delayed by vote

Do you really think if grandma can't figure out the whole DTV thing now, she'll be able to figure it out in June? I honestly think we're just going to have to pull the plug on people for a bit. Maybe people will read instead. Maybe *I'll* even read a book. :-)

EDIT: House Defeats Bill to Delay Digital TV Transition ...Looks like the switch may happen on time after all.

Here's a few follow-up thoughts on the iPhone:

After 6 months of having an iPhone, I can firmly say that not having a physical keyboard truly SUCKS. I really hope someone finally comes out with a device that's as fun as an iPhone but one that I can type on with some degree of accuracy. Touch screen keyboards just don't work for me, especially when I'm out and about.... Drunk texting does NOT work on the iPhone. :-)

The lack of MMS and "Cut and Paste" is ridiculous. But I doubt those features are coming soon. Since the iPhone is still selling like hotcakes, why would Apple bother?

AT&T's network has gotten somewhat better over the last few months, so I'm not as irked about that anymore.

The second half of January has been relatively calm; but February will be crazy with two trips to NYC and one to SF! :-) (Yes, BLOWOFFs galore!)
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